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United States
Pokemon and Digimon Stamp by MarcosPower1996
Love Digimon and Pokemon Stamp by Mysticom
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Stamp by Pikuna

+Guilmon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon Guilmon Stamp by SpadaStamps stamp Guilmon. by ingart15
Guilmon by Marlenesstamps Alpha Evolve Guilmon Stamp by TheLastHetaira Guilmon Stamp by Thunderbirmon
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Dukemon stamp -2 by LadyBeelze Dukemon stamp -4 by LadyBeelze WarGrowlmon Stamp by Thunderbirmon
Gigimon by Thunderbirmon
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Raichu Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps

Illuminate 4 by GuilTronPrime Illuminate 5 by GuilTronPrime
Illuminate 2 by GuilTronPrime Phases of Madness - Phase 1 by GuilTronPrime

Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Digimon stamp by Wucko
stamp Guilmon. by ingart15 Terriermon stamp by Kegawa
Xros Wars - Shoutmon by Stamps-By-Mephie Gumdramon by Marlenesstamps
Beetlemon by GuilTronPrime Gaomon by Marlenesstamps
raichu stamp by PFV0-Stamp :thumb270121040:
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:Samus: Super Metroid -Stamp- by DrXtreme Samus Aran Stamp by Ultrathefox Pro Samus Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Dark Samus Stamp by NegaZero
Dark Samus (Smash Wii U) by GuilTronPrime
Stamp - Red Faction: Guerrilla by FlaringBlaze
Console Wars are Stupid by BurgerForLunsh

Lobo by katiirina Stamp Wolf by Andrea--Panda:thumb272061447: wolves by Folkwe


Fallout 4 Stamp by She-Kaiju fallout 4 railroad stamp by raptormutt
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Mr. Robot stamp by Szeitan

I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth

Nine Inch Nail stamp by PrincessTigerLili

King's Field Stamp by McOuchies

Psychically stalking your every move :3
Supporter of the Robot race
Anti Pikachu Pro Raichu
Fan of everything Digimon and Pokemon
Worshiper of Robots (wait I said that one)
Crazy freak :3


Hackers Memory got another update, Some fixes and another Digimon added

Apocalymon, be sure to update your game :3
Working on Another Next order Tamer, Waspmon and the Masters version of Matt, stay tuned
Adding multiple beam guns to both Metroid Prime Samus Models, stay tuned for that update
Okay, I postponed this long enough, time to work on Ninetails (Pokken version) and Kyubimon....see it's not the body I'm worried about that's's their tons of tails!!!! fused!!!!
Redesigning another character, this time it's the cyborg soldier Bruce...the guy Mihiko mentions in Genos Episode one and the guy responds off screen, see there's a reason I did that XD

Bruce in his off screen moments  XD
Digimon: Genos Pg 8 by GuilTronPrime

Digimon: Genos Pg 9 by GuilTronPrime
For those playing Digimon Hackers Memory there is an update that added 4 new digimon to the roster, it's the Ryudamon line, check your updates on either your Vita or PS4 :)
Yeesh, I need to give Mihiko's group a new resistance logo
Pretty cool site for those playing Digimon Links and or Cyber Sleuth (minus the new digimon) 

This is a pretty cool info site that helped me figure out what digimon can digivolve into what it's called 

Here's an example...apperently Guilmon can become Susanoomon :D…
Oooooooh the models resource has more Samus Suits from metroid prime 1 and 2, oooh how fun this is going to be :D
Time to get back to work on the The Necrozma pack I found a correct texture for them from an XNA version, and I acquired the models from the Models Resource itself (the forum area) and got a new version of Ohana3dsRebirth time to get cracking
Okie doke for those wondering where I got that cool looking underwater room in the Ranamon pic here's the link, this user has amazing skydomes and stages

The passwords are in his nicovideo links in his descriptions
I think the Lycanroc Ultra version will be the last of the ultra sun and moon rigs, the Necromza forms are on hold until the problem with the texture's mesh can be solved and I have no interest in the others....I unno..I'm not feeling them, I still have Pokken models to rig and a ton of Linkz and Applimonster models to do :)

Also for some reason....I kinda want to rig the Pocket town models XD you know the one that had Mega Raichu HA HA

the link to the ripped models where I got them are there if you want to take a whack at them
Ooooooh kay gonna put the necromza forms on hold until it gets fixed by someone else because this is beyond god damn frustrating
Hoo boy....having a problem with one of the necromza forms.....gonna be one of those models huh?
Dunno how I missed it, looks like a masters model of the digimon Deltamon is here, time to get rigging
Oooooh ho ho hooooooo *tilts back* great time to be sick I say that with heavy sarcasm can't even do anything without getting dizzy
Working on Nanoween 4, can't have a Halloween without nanoween XD

Nano: Damn right dude...I'm even in my Nano Prime X form in this one
Hoooo boy almost done updating the Cyber Sleuth models I haven't updated..."whew" after that time to rig Shiki and onother Pokken support Pokemon
Digimon LinkZ is out in the west, Tamers....start your bonding of the digis :)
Of course as always I'll show you where I got the Dukemon X model…

Big thanks to Thiengo once again I appreciate it

King Etemon is there too :)
The models I rig are designed for MMD and MMD only, not SFM not GMod, not XNALara and not VRChat....I've had so many people asking me to convert models to VRChat hell most of them asked me to redo all of my models from scratch for VR chat.......yeah....ALL....OF THEM.....


So yeah if you want to do the digi models in for VR chat do them yourself....I'll provide the links of the untouched Digimon models…

I'm not doing requests either

You good




now go away XP
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Where Can I get My Hands On A Cyberdramon?
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What game, what how ? O.O I also used blender and made a cyberdramon on second life!
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The game is Digimon LinkZ on Mobile Phones, the models are originally from Digimon Cyber Sleuth

you can get the models here…

Also here…
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