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Number 1220A2
United States
Pokemon and Digimon Stamp by MarcosPower1996
Love Digimon and Pokemon Stamp by Mysticom
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Stamp by Pikuna

+Guilmon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon Guilmon Stamp by SpadaStamps stamp Guilmon. by ingart15
Guilmon by Marlenesstamps Alpha Evolve Guilmon Stamp by TheLastHetaira Guilmon Stamp by Thunderbirmon
Guilmon Stamp by omegan13 Guilmon stamp by KawaiiPaigey
Guilmon Stamp for 1pieceluver by the-ocean-sings Guilmon Stamp by Sen-Akuna Guilmon Fan Stamp by Firework154
Growlmon Stamp by Thunderbirmon Gigimon Stamp by Thunderbirmon Team Guilmon Stamp by wallawallabingbong
Dukemon stamp -2 by LadyBeelze Dukemon stamp -4 by LadyBeelze WarGrowlmon Stamp by Thunderbirmon
Gigimon by Thunderbirmon
Raichu stamp by salanchu Raichu Stamp by smileystamps Raichu stamp by PrinzeBurnzo
Raichu Stamp 3 by smileystamps Raichu Stamp 4 by smileystamps Riachu Stamp 3 by smileystamps
Raichu is win - Stamp by creature002 Raichu Stamp 2 by smileystamps 026-1 Raichu Stamp by Pokestamps
Raichu Stamp by Kibichu 026 Raichu Stamp by Kevfin 026 - Raichu by Marlenesstamps
026-1 Raichu Stamp by Pokestamps raichu stamp by PFV0-Stamp Stamp - Raichu by Evadoll
Raichu Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps

Illuminate 4 by GuilTronPrime Illuminate 5 by GuilTronPrime
Illuminate 2 by GuilTronPrime Phases of Madness - Phase 1 by GuilTronPrime

Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Digimon stamp by Wucko
stamp Guilmon. by ingart15 Terriermon stamp by Kegawa
Xros Wars - Shoutmon by Stamps-By-Mephie Gumdramon by Marlenesstamps
Beetlemon by GuilTronPrime Gaomon by Marlenesstamps
raichu stamp by PFV0-Stamp Stamp: Charmander Dance by xStormyChaos
Zoroark stamp by ingart15 Lucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991
:thumb371551073: Gabumon by Marlenesstamps

TRON Stamp by engineerJR Flynn Lives Stamp by Divine-Phantom
Tron 2.0 Stamp by Divine-Phantom Fight for the Users Stamp by Divine-Phantom

I Love Robots Stamp by HybridYuki +Calumon-Culumon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon

Dark Souls Stamp by Tsurakai-dA Demon's Souls stamp by iamadem

Fulgore KI Stamp by conkeronine

R-Type Final by DennyVuQuach Gradius V Stamp by StampPKU

Doom stamp by Anajrob

Break the stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed

Snatcher Stamp by TechNoirIncognito

Avengers II Stamp: Ultron by TMNT-Raph-fan Avengers 2 Stamp - Age-of-ultron by The-GreenGoblin Stamp Avengers 2 - Ultron by Auracliane

:thumb440102595: Resident Evil 2 Stamp by PoisonRemedy

Metroid Prime Trilogy Stamp by DecadeX10 Metroid Prime Stamp by ThellsStamps Metroid Prime 2 stamp by gagaman92 Corruption Stamp by Ultrathefox
:Samus: Super Metroid -Stamp- by DrXtreme Samus Aran Stamp by Ultrathefox Pro Samus Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Dark Samus Stamp by NegaZero
Dark Samus (Smash Wii U) by GuilTronPrime
Stamp - Red Faction: Guerrilla by FlaringBlaze
Console Wars are Stupid by BurgerForLunsh

Lobo by katiirina Stamp Wolf by Andrea--Panda:thumb272061447: wolves by Folkwe


Fallout 4 Stamp by She-Kaiju fallout 4 railroad stamp by raptormutt
Killer Instinct (Xbox One) Stamp by Viper1999
Hackmon stamp by LadyBeelze Megidramon stamp -1 by LadyBeelze Charizard stamp by Numbuh9

Anonymous Stamp by FantasyStock The right to be anonymous by PuzzledHeartBox

Mr. Robot stamp by Szeitan

I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth

Nine Inch Nail stamp by PrincessTigerLili

King's Field Stamp by McOuchies

Psychically stalking your every move :3
Supporter of the Robot race
Anti Pikachu Pro Raichu
Fan of everything Digimon and Pokemon
Worshiper of Robots (wait I said that one)
Crazy freak :3


Rigging both Devimon and LadyDevimon (CyberSleuth) as a pack, stay tuned
Oooooh the final of the latest digimon update rigs is a digimon that I really.....really.....REEEEEEALLY enjoyed rigging back when it was a masters model.....oh I'm going to enjoy this

Chaosdramon is next 
Oh god Vobomon Adult's mouth is the stuff of's similar to the mouths of Monster hunter monsters.....welp this rig will take awhile XP
First up Chimeramon and Milleniummon stay tuned
OOOOOOOOOO *cough* OKAY!!!!!! Since mediafire seems to be randomly acting the frack up!!! plus the wierd redirects that pop I don't want to sign up for Roblox!!!!! I am now putting new rigged model downloads on the right download button "which I should of done sooner to save you all the stress" you know that big green download button on the right ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! 

*ahem* anyway next models I rig will have that, not updating the old one because those links seem to be alright and not deleted, still uploading them to mediafire for backup purposes...can't be too careful
Creating the big boss himself, the Main Villain of Nanotype and Leader of the Corporation, been working on him for a long time
Now that I have a centipede I gotta figure out how to make it look like it's merged with my order assassin hmmmm...To Metaseq!!!
I need a centipede create an order hybrid......half cyborg.....half centipede.........
For those with a fear of bugs, yeah this next rig will probably make your skin crawl, just a warning
Myotismon (Vamdemon's) expressions are done. hoooo weee you have no Idea how hard it was to do his mouth XD
Doing three fusion fighters models

Greymon (Xros)
Metal Greymon (Xros) 
and Tactimon

Stay tuned :)
Releasing Zygarde 100 as a pack, I already did it's 50% form I just need to improve it and give it an alternate size, and Zygarde 10% will be released with the both of them as well, if you see there is no link on Zygarde 50's pic it's because it's going to be updated might as well do all three forms while I do this Zygarde 100 rig
Nicely done...the closed tentacles on Zygarde are now to separate the ones with the open mouths

Nano: Yeah if those didn't know what Pokemon is they are going to take that out of context XD
*watched Digimon Adventure Tri's latest chapter*

I think we need a bigger Machinedramon ;)
Wow Marshadow is a mess model and texture wise....gonna have to cross this off the list, sorry
Time to give Digimon Masters Susannoomon a nice overhaul :)
Got a load of requests to do so no more requests for now until the load is complete :)
Working on another Applimon, this one is Musimon :)
You guys ready for burst mode digimon???? because the burst mode models have been released!!! Stay friggin tuned :D

and as always here's the link where I got the models, have fun :) and thanks to Thiengo as always :)…

(scroll down)
Well I did it in Cyber Sleuth.....might as well do it in Hacker's Memory....LOOK AT ALL THE NEW DIGIMON!!!!!!!!!! :D

Nano: Dem eyes O_O
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  • Reading: Fingers
  • Watching: Digimon Adventure Tri 3
  • Playing: RECore
  • Eating: English muffins
  • Drinking: Punch


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